Along with WASS and PennSchool, ISA successfully organized its “Drive for Success: Gen Z Talks for the Right Career Move” event

In conjunction with the School Advisory Board of WASS and PennSchool, ISA successfully arranged its “Drive for Success: Gen Z Talks for the Right Career Move” event on March 18 and 25. Numerous students from the bilingual program, as well as the ADP, IB, and WACE programs of WASS and PennSchool, took part in the event. In light of the current pandemic crisis, the event was held both online and offline.

Throughout their path of academic inquiry, each IEDG student is aided in holistic growth not only in intellectual, moral, physical, and social abilities but also is heading in the direction of their future. However, at such critical junctures in their lives, adolescents are not always confident and knowledgeable enough to make sound judgments. That is why, as their navigators, we must keep them on a solid foundation so that they may be confident for the next stop on their journey.

The “Drive for Success: Gen Z Talks for the Right Career Move” event was held with the goal of creating opportunities for students to have a comprehensive awareness of their career opportunities as well as their studying abroad options. In addition to the ISA staff and School Advisory Board of WASS and PennSchool, a number of special guests participated in the event, including:

  • Ms. Nhung Ngo: Recruitment Manager of Shorelight Education
  • Ms. Thuong Duong: Country Director of Shorelight Education
  • Mr. Nguyen Duy Truong: Director of Swinburne University of Technology Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City Campus
  • Mr. Vu Van Hiep: SAT Expert

Also in attendance was Vo Anh Khoi, a PennSchool alumni who received offer letters from 5 universities in Vietnam and abroad, and Le Ngoc Dong Nghi, an ADP alumni who’d earned offers from Fulbright, RMIT, and Swinburne University.

The event provided students with career advice and guidance for their future, along with a wealth of relevant information on studying abroad, and finally, 1:1 consulting, tailored to each student’s abilities and interests.

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