Known as one of the high quality and the most prestigious education groups in Vietnam, IEDG always considers Education as a field of strength and core in the development of the organization. In addition, IEDG also promotes the exploitation, investment and development of other potential business areas such as Study Abroad and Settlement Consulting Services, Food & Beverage Services, Health Care & Beauty, with the goal of bringing not only opportunities to enjoy high-quality training programs but also world-class and worthy living experiences.


Being the core field that plays the most important role in the formation and development of the organization, Education has always been considered by Indochina Group as a core activity with diverse educational and training programs for students of all ages: General education, post-secondary training programs, and short-term training programs.

In the spirit of education internationalization, Indochina Group focuses on providing prestigious domestic education programs of international standards and affiliated study abroad programs in countries with advanced education through the expansion of investment activities in international markets.

In addition, Indochina Group is also focusing on implementing online training programs and publishing digital content that has high practical value and provides useful knowledge for learners.

Consulting services

Not only promoting educational investment activities in the international market, but Indochina Group also aims to expand activities related to study abroad and settlement counseling in countries with advanced education and outstanding living environment such as Germany, the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, etc.

With available strengths from a diverse ecosystem of training units and prestigious overseas education partners, Indochina Group provides a wide range of services that are suitable for different study and settlement needs such as studying abroad in the US, studying abroad in Germany, studying abroad, and settling in Germany through reputable corporations and vocational training units in Germany, or the need to settle in the US with the program of L1, EB3, EB5,…

& Service

Not only does Indochina Group promote educational activities, but it also focuses on Trading and Service to meet the needs of its diverse ecosystem. Pioneering is the import and export of products, such as educational equipment, functional foods, cosmetics, and consumer goods from the European market (Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, The Western Europe countries, etc,.)


With existing benefits and the same purpose of diversifying sectors of activity, investment is a promising f eld that presents Indochina Group with numerous new chances. We concentrate on investment initiatives that result in the construction of facilities, office buildings for rent, building management, and real estate services; strategic partners who provide market intelligence, marketing services, and connections to dynamic markets.