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Established in 2003, IEDG has continuously succeeded in founding several educational institutions at various levels from Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School, High School to Vocational Training and Inter-university educational institutions, Joint-Study Abroad Programs, Vocational Study Abroad Programs, Short-term training for senior managers, Talent Coaching and Talent Development,…

All of IEDG System’s members share one thing in common: an open educational spirit, constantly innovating training methods, and training content that’s always heading to standardization according to international quality through world-renowned accreditation programs.


With more than 10 educational institutions in Ho Chi Minh City, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality educational programs aligned with international standards that allow us to give a cutting edge learning environment in Vietnam, thereby contributing to the creation of a generation of global citizens, with confidence, creativity, and readiness to integrate into the world.
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Establishment of the Institute of Accounting & Business Management (IABM) with the aim of providing Finance, Accounting, and Business Management courses for students, employees, and business managers.
Establishment of the Indochina College (now known as the American Polytechnic College of Vietnam) with the goal of providing high-quality vocational training programs with international standards.
Establishment of the Western Australian International School System (WASS) with diverse academic programs in the US and Western Australia for Kindergarten, Primary, Middle School, and High School.
Establishment of the South Western Australia English Center (SWAE) with international quality standard English programs, multi-level from basic to advanced, serving many different learning purposes.
Establishment of Indochina Kindergarten or The Indochina School System (TISS) with the aim of providing children aged 2-5 with a modern and dynamic educational environment, on par with international preschools.
Establishment of the Indochina International Center for Study Abroad (ICSA) to provide high-quality international study abroad and vocational training programs in developed countries such as Germany, USA, UK, Canada,...
Establishment of The Indochina Language School (TILS) with 11 training programs in three languages: Japanese, Korean, and especially German. Foreign languages are taught and assessed through European standards. The school aims to provide our students with the necessary skills and multicultural understanding to be able to study and work internationally or at a multicultural company.
In 2018, IEDG officially invested in the US market and established the American International Education Development Group (AEDG)
Establishment of the Pennsylvania American International School (PennSchool) with an American curriculum from elementary, middle, to high school.
Establishment of the Talent Development Academy (TDA) along with an officially changed brand identity which aims to expand educational investment into prestigious institutions and international markets.



To achieve today's success, we have accompanied reliable partners.
American College of Vietnam (AmCollege) and Indochina Study Abroad (ISA) officially changed their brand identity
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AmCollege & IABM held the online graduation and final exams
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IEDG Virtual College Fair 2021 – A golden door to the world-class education
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