IEDG establishes three new departments specializing in expansion and development

In mid-March, the Board of Directors of IEDG established three new departments under the BOD Office. This includes the Digital Transformation Department, the Quality & Accreditation Department, and the Professional Development Department.

Ms. Cao Thien Ai Nuong, the Principal of PennSchool, is set to serve as the Head of the Quality & Accreditation Department, which is responsible for directing the implementation of testing, registration for accreditation, re-accreditation, and assessing teaching quality within each school of the Group. Ms. Tran Thi To Nhu, the Principal of WASS, will be the Head of the Professional and Program Development Department, responsible for managing and updating the entire curriculum, teaching resources, and enhancing teaching quality through regular training programs. Ms. Vo Thi Huu Hanh will be in charge of the Digital Transformation Department, which is responsible for creating and integrating digital technology applications into the curriculum, in addition to her role at Penn Academy.

The Industrial Revolution 5.0, along with its substantial influence on a number of other industries, has had an increasing impact on the current climate of education, as well as its future. Along with IEDG’s rapid expansion and its significant rise in student numbers, the establishment of these departments will help IEDG adapt to and meet societal needs and the rapid granges in the educational environment. Another benefit of their inception is that it will help teachers in reducing their day-to-day pressures. Furthermore, these departments will help improve the applicability of smart education solutions in teaching and learning activities as well as in the educational management process. This, in turn, steers IEDG towards the smart education model of the new era, which includes creativity, interdisciplinary practice, connection, and educational technology.

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