Message from
The Board of Directors

With the mission of contributing to the development of Vietnamese education in the direction of global integration and training excellent global citizens, Indochina International Education Development Group (IEDG) believes that educational investment activities need to be carried out in a long-term and persistent way, in order to achieve truly meaningful successes, which make great contributions to the community. With that fervent belief and broad vision, over the past two decades, IEDG has gradually developed and expanded through the construction of educational institutions at various levels, such as the Institute of Accounting and Business Management (IABM), the Western Australian International School System (WASS), the Pennsylvania American International School (PennSchool), the American Polytechnic College of Vietnam, the Indochina International Center for Study Abroad (ICSA), the Pennsylvania Language Academy and many other educational institutions.

Although there are different levels of education that offer a wide variety of training programs, all IEDG system’s members share one thing in common: an open educational spirit, constantly innovating training methods, and training content always heading to standardization according to international quality, through world-renowned accreditation programs. Many generations of students have grown up and achieved a lot of success in their careers from the solid launchpads that IEDG is diligently building every day.

It can be said that the journey of nearly two decades of creation and innovation of IEDG is a journey of passion and enthusiasm, which comes from the hearts of people who are always concerned about education. Like a sine chart, our construction journey has gone through ups and downs, achieving many successes and also facing challenges at times. With perseverance and efforts to pursue aspirations, with a passion for education, the IEDG ship still sails strongly to the sea to lead young studious Vietnamese to the vast ocean of knowledge.

Now, the entire IEDG team has embarked on a new journey together – a journey that educators need to make further breakthroughs to help students spread their wings to fly higher and farther on the journey of knowledge conquest and global integration. In order to realize those aspirations, IEDG will continue to innovate non-stop with potential internal resources from the youth of its members, the ability to absorb and learn technology, creativity and have a forward-thinking spirit. Together, we confidently walk on the open journey ahead despite many foreseen challenges, we work hand in hand to contribute to the creation of international quality training programs for all ages and together contribute to the goal of creating generations of truly global citizens in the 21st century.


Dr. Tran Van Rung