Meet-up and interview with Azurit Hansa on 25th October 2019

In the morning of 25/10/2019, ICSA, has collaborated with Azurit – Hansa group to have successfully organized the interview with the candidates who are studying “ Study Nursing in Germany”.


Directly interviewing was Mr Peter Huber – Operation Director of Azurit Nursing home in Bayern, Ms Lena Kauth – In charge of the project in Vietnam and Mr Pham Duc Trong – Director of German language Indochina Center.

giao-luu-va-phong-van-cung-azurit-hansa-ngay-25-10-2019 giao-luu-va-phong-van-cung-azurit-hansa-ngay-25-10-2019 giao-luu-va-phong-van-cung-azurit-hansa-ngay-25-10-2019

In the interview, ICSA’s candidate as well as the representatives of Azurit – Hansa has had a brief chat in order to help the students understand more about nursing home enterprise group as well as the compensation and benefits for Vietnamese candidates.


The results were announced right after the interview. The lucky candidates who have selected start with the Visa process supported by ICSA. According to the procedure, candidates are flying to Germany in March 2020.


The less fortunate candidates, please don’t give up. Let’s make more effort to  German better and prepare for the next online interview this December!