Message from
The Board of Directors

A sustainable society is what Indochina Group strongly believes in and takes action for.

Always be ready for the changes of time to confidently accompany Vietnam in its journey of globalization and global integration, Indochina Group has successfully implemented its expansion plan in both quality and operation scales. From an international education group, Indochina Group has expanded two new areas of its ecosystem after two decades of development. Thanks to its internal strength, good strategic vision, and strong belief, Indochina Group is constantly striving to fulfill its role in three key areas: Education, Trade & Service, and International Investment.

Believe that Liberal Education is the fastest way to bring human beings to new limits, Indochina Group continues to carry out the mission of cultivating knowledge for learners at various levels. That mission is implemented through 7 critical units, including The Institute of Accounting and Business Management (IABM), Western Australian International School System (WASS), The Pennsylvania American International School System (PennSchool), Sydney International School System (SISS), The North American College (NAC), Pennsylvania Language Academy (Penn Academy) and Talents Development Academy (TDA). All units share a core principle: an open educational spirit, constantly innovating training methods, and training content always heading to standardization according to international quality, through world-renowned accreditation programs.

As entering the third decade of development, Indochina Group desires to seize new opportunities in various areas – where all members of the Group can demonstrate bravery and break through all set goals to achieve success. With the great leadership of the Board of Directors and outstanding employees, Indochina Group has taken strategic steps in two new areas: Trade & Services and International Investment. The Group’s activities range from giving opportunities for Vietnamese people to study, invest and settle down in other countries through programs of Indochina Study Abroad (ISA), to providing other services such as real estate, marketing, and import-export activity in both domestic and international markets. Thereby, Indochina Group wishes to solve the top essential needs of society through high-quality services.

The journey ahead is still tough with many challenges, but Indochina Group firmly believes in the set goals and the bear fruit of the future. With the limitless potential of the young employees, the direction of the Board of Directors, and the absolute trust of partners and customers, Indochina Group promises to be more developed with a strong position in the market. At the same time, Indochina Group will also join hands to make the Vietnamese community happier, more prosperous, and richer in experience and knowledge.

Dr. Rung Tran


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