Online diary – Things you need to know

In the 2018 – 2019 school year, the Western Australia International School System uses the Engage Portal as a communication channel between the school and parents. The online diary will help parents update the study notices and activities quickly and often.

The main functions of online diaries include:

  • Student Information
  • Updated school calendars and events
  • Update weekly learning and training reports
  • Updating learning reports and periodic training
  • Timetable and summary of the learning content of the teacher
  • Update club calendar
  • Student attendance
  • Fee Update
  • Website of library and online materials.

(1) Student Information

The personal information of the student will include the contact of the parents, special treatment, meal, activities, and services.

(2) Updated school calendars and events.

All school monthly activities, as well as special events of the school year, will be updated on the parent’s account, in addition to the notice that has been sent to parents in the Parents & Students’ Handbook at the beginning of the school year.

(3) Update weekly learning and training reports

In this school year, the student’s learning and training process will be updated to parents every week, including the reviews and assessments by department teachers as well as homeroom teachers on all aspects, from learning to reading, from fun activities to the life-skill development.

(4) Periodic updates of learning and training reports

In a school year, parents will receive four periodic study and training reports, including academic results and specific comments from teaching staff. The report will be sent to the parent during (a) the middle of semester 1, (b) at the end of semester 1, (c) the middle of semester 2, and (d) at the end of semester 2.

(5) Weekly timetable and lesson summary

By using online diaries, parents will be able to follow up the learning progress as well as support the student at home based on weekly lesson summary. The teacher will upload to the online diary, notes or reminders to help students and parents catch up with the progress of learning as well as the key points of the week.

(6) Update club calendar

In addition to the school regular schedules, parents can watch and decide the school Clubs for the children.

(7) Student attendance

The Class Attendance will help the school and parents track the attendance of the students.

(8) Fee Update

This update will help parents keep track of students’ each semester fees.

(9) Website of library and online materials.

The school has implemented the online libraries and online resources to support the learning and researching of students, especially in the secondary level. In addition, parents and students can actively borrow books at home through Follet library management software.

Tran Quoc Bao – TOK Coordinator