IEDG aims to build a comprehensive educational ecosystem with diverse learning programs, skills development programs, and support services. These programs will create the foundation for sustainable development and bring a closed education system where learners assiduously support each learning stage and in the ever-changing context of the digital era.

Corporate Culture

As a large-scale education organization with nearly 1,000 members including Vietnamese teachers, staff, and foreign teachers from many different countries around the world, the IEDG is the house of passion, talent, bravery, and enthusiasm. Our members have a strong and thorough working spirit for the best possible outcome for Vietnamese education in our youngest generation.

People Strategy

In regards to our human resources strategy, IEDG has always been consistent with the spirit of considering human resources as the most important factor and most valuable asset in a solid foundation for the success of our organization. Therefore, IEDG always strives to create a professional, modern, and friendly working environment that inspires members to work every day, thus maximizing each person’s forte and strengths.

Community Spirit

The goal of sustainable development and promotion of the corporate culture of IEDG cannot and never should be separated from the development of the community. That is why the organization is not only interested in welfare policies for its members, but also regularly participates in and organizes social and volunteer activities with the spirit of serving the community, especially our youngest generation, who are seeds that need to be nurtured with love, fully cultivated in wisdom and skills, and given fair and open learning opportunities.