To become the leader of education in Vietnam by providing a diverse educational ecosystem and international quality training programs for all ages.


Bringing the young generation of Vietnam excellent educational programs, through diverse and flexible learning methods, based on constant creativity and innovation, thereby helping them realize their dreams and make them come true, thus opening their doors to a future of strong foundations for global integration.


1. Innovation

We continuously innovate, improve every aspect and focus on solutions that enhance the quality of training and teaching in the field of education.

2. Experience

At IEDG, every experience has its own unique value. They help anyone who was, is, and will be our members to feel the power of solidarity, striving to improve and develop together.

3. Dedication

We are dedicated to helping students and families, who always have big goals in their studies, and are willing to devote time and energy to achieve success.

4. Inheritance

The next generation is defined as not only IEDG’s employees but also the students that we are training, providing knowledge for and skills. In the future, we believe that students are also the ones who follow and accompany us, both in the journey of building a modern civilized education and in the process of cultivating a developed, well-off, and prosperous society.